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Professional Hair Styling & Esthetic Services

Our qualified and experienced hairstylists help you look the best.

Get Head-Turning Stylish Hairstyles by Experts in Winnipeg

Are you planning on changing your look? Stop by Vanity Hair & Esthetics for professional hair styling and esthetic services. When it is time for you to upgrade your hairstyle, just walk into our salon in Winnipeg. From haircutting to styling and esthetic services, we do everything. Our clientele includes men, women, children and seniors. 


We have some of the most qualified and experienced hairstylists in the city. Our team constantly keeps up to date with the latest hair trends, styles and designs. Whether you want to go for a complete transformation or would like to change your hairstyle, our team can do it. You can tell us how you would like to have your hair done and we will do it with complete perfection.

Stylish and Confident Look

Our trained professionals will provide you with perfect haircutting and esthetic services, making you look gorgeous.

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